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Interstices between philosophy and theology

Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Contradictory? Part 2

Language: Predicating Divinity Orthodox believers call the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Trinity “God”. To employ the distinction we set forth earlier, “God” can be used to designate the Trinity as a whole, or any person of… Continue Reading →

Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Contradictory? Part 1

If one had to choose a teaching of Christianity that caused more confusion than any other, the leading candidate would likely be the doctrine of the Trinity. Who has not been told at some point that God is both one… Continue Reading →

Edward Feser on Jerry Coyne in First Things

In the February 2016 edition of First Things, Edward Feser reviews Jerry Coyne’s Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible, and it is a fantastic example of the polemical review: Reading Coyne trying to do something as simple… Continue Reading →

What Does Aquinas Say About Inequality

In a recent blog post, Edward Feser addresses the contemporary rhetoric of inequality. He points out, quite rightly to my mind, that pure quantitative equality–in which everyone has the same income, has equal personal wealth, and so on–does not belong… Continue Reading →

God’s Necessity, Being’s Priority

It seems inevitable in the course of analytic treatments of philosophy of religion that we must endure talk of “possible worlds.” The deployment of “possible worlds” strike me as problematic for a number of reasons. It tends to conflate metaphysical… Continue Reading →

Some Contradictory Theses About Evil

We know of evil, we suffer it to greater or lesser degree, and we tell stories about what evil means. Some of these stories are fanciful and comforting, others deeply meaningful, and certain others nonsensical. Christians have very specific stories about… Continue Reading →

Being, Beings and God: A Few Thoughts on an Ongoing Debate

Dale Tuggy and William Vallicella have been debating whether God is a “being among beings” in a series of blog posts. Fr. Aiden Kimel has also weighed in. Tuggy posted a timeline of the debate, which appears to include everything… Continue Reading →

Step 4: The Unconditioned Reality is the Creator

In the last two steps I have departed significantly from Fr. Spitzer’s proof for the existence of God. This step, however, will closely follow the last part of his argument. In this final step, we will show that there exists… Continue Reading →

Step 3: The Uniqueness of Any Unconditioned Reality

In the third step of our series on the existence of God, we turn to the question of whether there can be more than one unconditioned reality. In Step 1, we saw that there must be at least one unconditioned… Continue Reading →

Step 2: The Absolute Simplicity of Any Unconditioned Reality

This is the second step in a proof for the existence of God that has been the subject of an ongoing series. In the First Step, we deduced the existence of at least one unconditioned reality. This argument draws heavily… Continue Reading →

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