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February 2015

Roadmap for an Argument for the Existence of God

This is the second in a series of posts setting out an argument for the existence of God. This post sets out the initial roadmap for the argument for the existence of God that will be set out in later… Continue Reading →

How Should We Speak of God? A Response to Daniel Linford

My new article, “How Should We Speak of God? A Response to Daniel Linford” has been posted at Strange Notions. Here is an excerpt: Last December, an article by Daniel Linford entitled “Do Atheists Reject the Wrong Kind of God?… Continue Reading →

A Webb of Confusion

Stephen Webb’s recent article, “The End of the Analogy of Being,” follows a now familiar pattern. Webb sets forth a characterization of some thinker that bears almost no resemblance to what that thinker said, and, on consulting that thinker’s works,… Continue Reading →

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